RTISTS STATEMENT   |   Act Now Before it’s Only a Memory


Essences of a Beautiful World is a future statement regarding the past and present connection mankind has with his nature and his environment. The world is already in a state of what might be considered irreversible change and degradation with issues such as global warming. The evolution of mankind has consisted of a cycle of progressive development that has caused unbeknown destruction to the environment. The ever-increasing treadmill of human material need has evolved and placed exhaustive pressures on the environment’s natural resources and long-term wellbeing. The sculptural forms are an abstract vision of what we may see in the future if the world’s population is not willing to reassess their actions and make serious changes to nurture future environmental health. Imagine an abstract seashell where the outer protective casing is no longer able to withstand the harsh realities of the outer world due to the changing world environment. Eroded away, it is no longer able to serve its former function of protecting its fragile inner inhabitants. Sadly, what will be exposed is a vulnerable inner world of unbelievable luxurious but delicate curves, organic forms and a show of nature’s wondrous and magical proportions.

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