ARTIST STATEMENT   |   Nature and Mankind Living Tandem Lives


The sculpture of Hope depicts the relationship and connection of humankind to his environment. There are two distinct and separate life forces - nature and the environment, represented by the plant form, and human existence, represented by the spiralling outer form. Before mankind existed, nature was thriving, but since mankind has started his journey of development, he has placed exhaustive pressures on the environment’s natural resources and wellbeing. Only late in the past century, have scientists realised that the damage humans have so naively but carelessly caused, initiating an unrepairable global warming cycle that could very well lead to the world’s end and that of human existence too.

Communities need to come together to listen hard and put into action all that is needed in a unified effort to save our environment for our future generations. Only when humans are able to listen carefully to the needs of the environment and respond with the appropriate actions, will we truly be able to lend nature our most helping hand.



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