Custom Commissioning sculpture is a great way to create art that takes into consideration the specific requirement of the surrounding environment but also to gain a statement that is solely for that project.

Although the process of acquiring site specific sculpture art through the commissioning process is an area that can potentially be nerve wrecking & intangible for an individual or organization as a client confidence in the process comes from more than 'just creative ideas'. Mainartery Studio combines both creative artist talent with a balanced business management model that will support every concern to the successful project delivery & installation. If a client is going to do more than 'Just hope for the best' then through the process they need to be kept informed in a way that is easy & tangible to them. We empower our clients as we facilitate in managing the custom commission process & communicate each stage of development in a way that our clients are easily able to comprehend, leaving them to understanding of how to impute into the process at any time. At each stage from briefing to final installation, we offer our professional advice & guidance so all options & implications are understood for any decisions that may need to be made. The success of our custom works is based on our full awareness of all projects details & possible outcomes via a collaborative approach between an array of disciplines. We can assist right from the initial stages of Planning art & design strategies, Briefing & Concept development & Cost quotation to ensure proposed art & designs are in line with the clients vision & project aesthetics. We further develop these ideas or the clients own suggested ideas by facilitating - Final Engineering details both within the sculpture & onsite installation foundations; Construction,Materials & finishing specifications; Scale model Proto-types; Concept finalization; Sourcing specialized materials & finishing; Foundry production & Finishing treatments; Specialized logistics to site (protective packaging, handling & methods of freight) & Installation coordination.

The client is equipped with a sense of confidence as our approach is creative, informative, managed & seamless ensuring that creative intent is preserved & delivered through production, project time frames are met & the client's budgets are adhered to. Mainartery Studio offers clients a low-risk turnkey solution to successfully commission larger scale site specific sculptural art works.

We welcome the opportunity to consult initially at no obligation the many possibilities to make your sculpture project successful & unique. Our ethos is that in helping others to make a distinctive statement we to are succeeding in making the same. To coordinate a suitable consultation time at no obligation, to discuss your individual project matters please click here.
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