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The Dragonfly is dynamic and intriguing, an example of nature’s brilliance, and the incredible harmony of form and function. The Dragonfly is humbling – it is deeply revered globally across many cultures and its stories have been passed down over millennia. The Dragonfly symbolises a connection of omnipresence and a celebration of the new connections taking place everywhere as momentum increases towards a new way of living - living in harmony with nature, protecting nature’s brilliance and to letting our stories continue. Painstakingly constructed from 316 Marine Grade Stainless Steel, the sculpture captures a true sense of movement, and yet maintains perfect balance. The image of the insect has been frozen in time just as it touches down upon a small branch in the water, its wings not quite yet at rest. With a meticulously buffed and polished mirror finish, the fine workmanship of this sculpture needs speak only for itself.

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